Forest Engineering
Degree Paths

Forest Engineering

Forest engineers are the technical backbone of all forest operations, providing the skills and knowledge required to implement complex forest and natural resource operations. This program emphasizes analytical skills required for evaluating engineering systems, integrating the mechanical and economic requirements of forest operations with the biological requirements of the forest and the need to protect soil and water resources. Graduates of the Forest Engineering degree program have a variety of employment opportunities with private timber companies, government agencies, engineering firms and forestry consulting firms.

Forest Engineering and Civil Engineering

The forest engineering-civil engineering five year, dual degree program results in a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Forest Engineering and a BS in Civil Engineering and is offered in cooperation with the School of Civil and Construction Engineering. This degree expands the career opportunities of graduates by allowing them to work in both rural and urban areas, and for a wide variety of employers.


Check out just a few of the possible career paths for Forest and Civil Engineering majors.

Forest Engineer

Apply engineering principles to forest lands

A forest engineer connects the dots in a working forest, making sure things get from point a to point b. If a road needs to be built or a bridge needs to be installed, a forest engineer is the one who manages the whole project. Design, negotiate and oversee projects.

Salary range: $56,000-$75,000

Civil Engineer

Maintain roads, bridges, dams and more

Civil engineers design, construct and manage public works including roads, bridges and harbors. They can work in forested or urban areas.

Salary range: $50,560-$119,320

Land Surveyor

Measure and map our land

Surveyors measure and update boundary lies and prepare sites for construction. Surveyors make precise measurements with advanced instruments. They provide data relevant to the shape and contour of the Earth's surface for engineering, mapmaking and construction projects.

Salary range: $56,000-$81,410